Easy and Fast Ways to Set Up A Foreign Owned Business Legally in Nigeria
The Easy Guide, Fast & Best Ways to Set Up A Foreign Owned Business Legally in Nigeria
January 7, 2020
May 25, 2022
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A good legal advisor or lawyer in Nigeria must acquaint himself with new challenges and the strategic issues which Covid 19 raises for Clients in different sectors both social and economic sectors of Nigeria.

Therefore, a Lawyer must be proactive during and post Covid 19 either in solving all sort of legal needs of the Client in Nigeria and beyond. The general lockdown and restrictions by the Government in Nigeria in view of existential threats to work and businesses of so many people in many sectors, including time of economy crisis, is common as most people usually consult and ask their legal advisers for help on the best law advice for right solutions to their legal needs in times of uncertainty about the future.

Optimum ways Attorney or Law firms in Nigeria can help Client amid & post Covid 19:

Online legal assistance & search for lawyers – One of the great revolution and change in the legal industry is the emergence of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo search, and others which has tremendously helped the general public to search for lawyers in Nigeria. A Client can conveniently sit in his or her bedroom to search for expert attorneys in Nigeria and around the world by just inserting the words “lawyer or attorney in Lagos or Nigeria” and in seconds hundreds of lawyers will show up for a Client to pick or choose from. The traditional way of securing a solicitor or good lawyer by calling friends and or family members to recommend a reputable or skilled lawyer is no longer necessary or in vogue. Therefore, this is a potential method of reducing or eliminating foot presence in legal firm, less human contacts, and visit to the office of a legal practitioner that may likely spread Covid 19 in the country.

  1. Legal services online in Nigeria with modern & leading methods :

Today, client can effectively employ many modern technology platforms like Zoom Meetings, Google meets, Video Conferencing, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin & other convenient platforms to chats and consult  lawyers in Lagos, and Nigeria generally. This has really helped in reducing spread of Covid 19. You can now conveniently chats, instructs your legal counsel online, seek sound legal advice online through chatting, video conferencing like Zoom Meeting, Google and others.

In fulfilling his duties to clients, highly industrious and skillful lawyer in Nigeria must ensure the following question during the Pandemic.

  1. Informed potential client whether the firm is open for work during the pandemic and work hours on each day.
    1. Whether he is available for consultations.
    1. The lawyer must also inform the Client whether it is necessary to meet in person.
    1. Update clients if briefing will only be on phone or video conferencing
    1. Whether court is open to client during the pandemic to treat the client case if urgent
    1.  Does the Client need physical signing of document or electronic signing will be adequate legal in Nigeria.
    1. Span or duration of the process

Lawyers, despite Covid 19 can still work on your instruction and deliver your brief to you online irrespective of your location in the world. The following services of lawyers can still be done online:

Through online services, an innovative enterprising lawyer can assist you currently, and equally provide best legal services in registering enterprise, company or business setup in Nigeria in all aspect, business legal deals Nigerian jurisdiction, help on corporate, commercial & civil law services, trademark registration and protection, patent registration & protection, carry out financial technology law services (fintech) due diligence, act as company secretaries, recover asset & debt recovery services, act in respect land, real & estate property law and purchase, drafting of contracts & agreements vetting, e-commerce law & immigration representations, civil litigation & criminal, family & probate matters, commercial trade disputes solicitor, maritime & shipping services, energy, oil & gas, represent in international investment, finance and industry legal services, foreign investment and multinational companies compliance service, mediation, arbitration & negotiation expert advice to clients online. We advise that Clients should embrace online means of contacts with Lawyers to reduce transmission of Covid 19. Human contact to restrict spread of Covid 19.

For business clients amid and post Covid 19, attorneys cum solicitors must be able to support their client by carefully identifying legal risks and challenges to the general public. They can suggest and advise clients to adapt to the legal environment brought about by the pandemic majorly affecting their business and economic life, lawyers must innovate legal solutions to the changing markets environment to their clients due to emergence of Covid 19. 

Worthy of note, despite the Covid 19, the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission has been registering companies for both local, foreign & international investors seeking to set up business or companies in Nigeria online via accredited lawyers in Lagos and Nigeria generally, even at the peak of the pandemic.

Aside giving legal advice online through chats, you can contract your solicitors in Nigeria to support in vetting and review of all forms of contract agreements. The Lagos State Judiciary in collaboration with Ministry of Justice Lagos-State, particularly Attorney General /Commissioner of Justice office recently introduced legal reforms and innovations for easy access to Justice in Lagos state relating to efficient case management by the Judiciary sector, and many brilliant, beneficial to client and efficient Judiciary initiatives like Zoom Trials, E-filing and others during the Covid 19 period.  These really promoted health and safety amid the Pandemic.

Covid 19 crisis is here with us, and solicitors and legal counsels are not excluded from the new problems in the various sectors of Nigerian Economy. Most times in moments of crisis people and business owners turn to lawyers for succour, including demand for very good legal counsel to reduce tension, since change is constant. We all have to learn on how to adapt to new health challenges which may reoccur in the nearest future.

Finally, with development in technology, lawyers can be of greatest help to you during this Pandemic by seeking legal service and counsel through various leading online legal consulting in Nigeria, via Zoom meetings, video conferences, social media platforms, email exchanges, phone calls and other modern well structured platforms to instruct and brief your Attorneys in order to enjoy valuable legal services available in Nigeria towards solving your legal needs on time amid and post Covid 19.

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