Must Read Law Articles and Resources to Help Your Team

capital importation in nigeria
Banking & finance Law: Capital Importation By Foreign Investors to Nigeria
January 26, 2019
legal protection of foreign investment in nigeria
Legal Protection of Foreign Investment in Nigeria
February 16, 2019
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Must Read Law Articles and Resources to Help Your Team

best law articles and resources

If one thing is true, it is that there are tons of law articles and resources all over the internet.

However, what is lacking is simply a single curated list of articles and resources about the legal industry that is available in one single place.

What exactly is what we have sought to create.

Because there is no shortage of law articles, it might be difficult to know what to read about different subjects and practice area in the legal profession.

We have therefore selected the crème la prime of the legal profession and put it in one single location giving rise to the over a 100 articles you can actually read to help you and your team.

These resources are divided into a different practice area.

If you think we need to add a category or feel we miss an article about any particular practice area, please send it to [email protected] . We will take a look at it and if it’s worth it, we will add it to this resource guide for lawyers


  • Chapter 1 – General Law Resources
  • Chapter 2 – Real Estate Law Resources
  • Chapter 3 – Business Law Resources
  • Chapter 8 – Law Blogs to Read
  • Chapter 9 – Law Experts to Follow on Twitter
  • Chapter 10 – Law Job Websites



Let’s get started.


General Law Articles




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Business Law




Top Law Blogs 2019





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There you have it. A complete list of the best legal resources and articles on the web. Which of these resources has been useful to you? We love to hear your thoughts in the comment.