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Commercial and Corporate Law:

The Firm with a team of best solicitors & lawyers provides exceptional legal services, advise Private and Public Companies on all aspects of Business, including Statutory regulations, Capital Markets transactions, complex commercial disputes, Private Equity Funds, Financing, Trade and other Commercial Transactions & Arbitration serving clients perfectly in law practice jurisdictions in Nigeria.

Our Corporate Law services includes, Company formation for Local and Foreign Investors, Corporate Governance, drafting laws and operating agreements, Partnership Agreement, Corporate Finance, Purchase or Sale of existing Company, Purchase or Sale of Intellectual Property, Dissolution of Company, drafting commercial contracts, Import & Export, Distribution, Purchase and Sale of Goods, Letters of Credit Shipping Agreement and other Corporate Law practice.

We also advice on Standards terms and conditions of business agency, distribution and franchising agreements, E-commerce, Direct Marketing and Data Protection.



Civil & Private Law: We handle Civil Litigation Trials from Lowest Courts, Appellate to Supreme Court in Nigeria in matters involving Civil and General Commercial Cases. We also cover matters relating to Health Law, Personal Injury, Commercial claims & ancillary matters.


Business Law: If you are a small business Start-up or an established Commercial enterprise, International business or Trade, we are the Law Firm to trust for sound legal advice and representation in Complex Commercial, Corporate and business dealings.

If you are trying to operate a business in Nigeria and West Africa but keep running into legal technicalities, we assure you of sound and comprehensive Legal Services. We bring our years of experience to solve your legal needs. When it comes to the complexities of business Law, you need a knowledgeable team of Commercial Lawyers in Nigeria by your side.


Contract: We assists in drafting, perfecting of documents, and preparing of Personal Contract, Joint Venture Agreement, Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreement, Shareholder Agreements, Client Services Agreement, Employment Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Confidential Agreements, Merger and Acquisition Agreements, Trade Agreements. We also assist to enforce a breach of Contract.


Trade and Export Finance Law: We advise and represent Companies or Individuals on International Trade Law, Export and Import Finance, Compliance and regulatory enforcement. We also protect and represent Clients on intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, International Trade Secrets and Exports Generally.


Maritime Law: We also represent Local and Foreign Shipping Companies with Foreign flag vessels to register in Nigerian Register of Ships as required by Coastal and Inland Shipping Law 2003 with Nigerian Maritime and Safety Agency (NIMASA) and render advice on all matters pertaining to Admiralty Law.

Our services also include Cargo carriage disputes, Oil spills, water pollution claims, Vessels Financing, Operation Construction re-building disputes, maritime, License Commercial and Contractual Claims.


Real Estate Law: We have vast experience in Land Law and real Estate Law including Mortgage and Complex transactions, Construction Projects Law and Joint ventures and Property Development.


Immigration: We assist Foreign investors in procuring Expatriate Quota, Residence Permit, Export License, and all due diligence with Nigerian Immigration Service, Ministry of Trade, Nigerian Investment Promotion Agencies and other statutory bodies.


Family Law: We assist in all Family Law matters including Wills, Divorce, Letter of Administration and Probate Matters.


Information Technology Law: We advise technology Companies on Data Protection Law, digital and intellectual property.

This is a growing sector in the Nigerian economy as we help both Local and Foreign Investors in matters relating to regulation and compliance with Nigerian Communication Commission Laws and other related Agencies.

We represent Companies in all matters relating to Communication Laws. Software, intellectual Property, Technology, infringement on Copy right, Trade mark, and Patent rights.


Communication Law: We assist and employ our expertise in Telecommunication and technology issues. We also assist Companies in compliance with Nigerian Communication ACT 2003 and 2013, regulation relating to granting of Individual Licenses, Class Licenses, Frequency Licenses, and any other License category developed and stipulated by the Commission. We help in securing above Licenses and also handle legal representation in disputes, claims, Agreements and matters relating to Communication Law in Nigeria.


Energy Law: Our Law Firm assist in regulatory, compliance, drafting legal advice for traditional and non-traditional utilities, developers, Customers and manufacturer at early stage of businesses. We also cover all legal matters relating to Power Generation and Market Transmission, Renewable Energy Storage, Climate Law and Finance, Microgrid and Natural Gas, LNG and Oil in Nigeria.


Aviation Law: Our Aviation related work include Commercial Contracts, development of Aviation project laws, fleet programme laws, Infrastructure, claims and major causalities.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): We believe that as a Commercial and Civil Law Firm, employing Alternative Dispute Resolution on Commercial and Civil Matters saves time than resorting to arduous and long Trials. We believe your time; Business interest and quick resolution of issues is the highest Client value that we can provide.


Call today for Legal help in all the above Industries &  the lawyers are ready to assist throughout Nigeria.